Value a Trade with the reputable Kelley Blue Book!

Here at Preston Superstore we've partnered with the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer program so you can value a trade if you're in the market for your next vehicle. It's a shopper-friendly system and you'll receive an instant cash offer to be used within 3 days (not counting Sundays) and a trade-in range based on similar vehicles in the area. Both numbers you can feel confident bringing into a showroom!

Here are the six areas you'll provide answers for:

  1. Verify the vehicle's drivetrain, wheel size, and extra equipment like a rear seat entertainment or premium audio system
  2. Potential aftermarket parts/equipment and who did the installation
  3. Vehicle history questions
  4. Any major or minor damage to the interior, exterior, or any mechanical issues
  5. Contact information and plans for the Instant Cash Offer
  6. Receive the e-mail

If you are looking to move quickly then the instant cash offer is the best bet. Simply bring it to the dealership and you can use it for the trade-in after we've inspected the car or we can buy the vehicle from you, even if you aren't buying one from us. If you are okay with taking your time then the trade-in range is useful to have and it gets updated on a weekly basis.

For more information on this process, you can call us or stop into our showroom.