Service Benefits

Fuel Injector Flush
   1.) Fuel Injector Flush

All fuel injectors become clogged over time. This happens because the deposits come from the gasoline as well as the varnishing of fuel.

A specific cleaning fluid is place in the system under high pressure. This cleaning fluid will remove the deposits and varnishing that have accumulated and bring the spray pattern back what was designed for your vehicle.

This will improve your engine performance and fuel economy.

Brake System Flush
 2.) Brake System Flush

Brake fluid naturally attracts moisture which is one of the leading causes of brake failure and expensive repairs.

The appearance of the brake fluid in the reservoir isn't always the best way to tell if it needs replacing.

Brake System Flush will replace the old fluid with clean fluid. With proper fluid, braking is optimized and the potential of corrosion in the system is reduced.
Throttle Body Service
   3.) Throttle Body Service

As an engine operates, it deposits carbon and sludge from the air intake system into the throttle body which, after a year or so, this will have an effect on how well the vehicle starts and how well it idles in cold and warm conditions.

The bore of the throttle body and the throttle blade itself is cleaned and wiped out. The minimum air rate is checked and adjusted if necessary. Also, an idle relearn process is completed with the computer.

When this is all done properly, the vehicle will idle smoothly and reduce the chance of excessive carbon build and improve better fuel economy.
Timing Belt Replacement
 4.) Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt keeps internal engine components in sync by causing valves to open and close at the proper time. In order to maintain the mechanical integrity the engine needs to operate, engine components must be in precise synchronization.

Just like oil, timing belts have a design life expectancy. They are replaced either due to time about every 6 years or mileage 100k.

A broken timing belt can cause extensive damage to the valves and pistons in an engine.
Transmission Service
   5.) Transmission Service

The modern automatic transmission is by far, the most complicated and costly mechanical component in today's automobile.

The transmission operates under high speeds and temperatures. As a result, the fluid will deteriorate, and change color. Also, material from clutches, bands, and metal are suspended in the oil. Recirculation of these partials can cause damage.

Draining the transmission fluid ensures that the partials are removed. New fluid is filled in the transmission to maintain the proper lubrication. This service will help maintain long life and reliable transportation.
Coolant System Flush
 6.) Coolant System Flush

Over time, coolant is depleted of the buffering ingredients and becomes extremely corrosive. By-products of corrosion is rust and scale. This can clog the passageways that conduct the water through the radiator and choke off the flow of water.

Clogged cooling systems will result in an overheated engine that may be damaged beyond repair.

Maintaining the coolant system properly is one way to increase the life of your engine as well as improved performance of your heating system for the winter.
Cabin Air Filter
   7.) Cabin Air Filter

Just like at home, the interior of your vehicle attracts a lot dust and pollen. Over a period of these particles become embedded in the filter and can not be blow off the filter. When it becomes clogged the passenger compartment will not be ventilated.

Replacing a cabin air filter will maintain a clean and fresh air space for you and your family while also allow proper ventilation for defogging windows.
Engine Air Filter
 8.) Engine Air Filter

The engine utilizes air and fuel to create combustion in the cylinders.

A clogged engine air filter reduces the air flow to the cylinders, causing poor power and poor economy.

Replacing the air filter periodically is needed since many particles can not be blown out. When done, this will help maintain high engine performance and better fuel economy.
Power Steering Flush
 9.) Power Steering Flush

Over a period of time viscosity of the power fluid changes. This can reduce the steering effectiveness, create noise, ad even harden seals.

A Power Steering Flush will:

    Removes the old fluid from the reservoir.
    Refills the system with new clean fluid.

This will:

    Restores steering performance.  
    Helps prevent sluggish steering on cold mornings.
    Reduces or eliminates steering noise.
    Provides proper lubrication of power steering components.
Computer Wheel Alignment
 10.) Computer Wheel Alignment

Due to harsh roads like pot holes etc., a vehicle's suspension receives a lot of stress that will change the geometry over time.

The changes in the angles of the tires meeting the road surface, will create premature tire wear.

A Computerize Alignments will ensure that all suspension components are within +/- .001 degrees of the original settings.

With a Computerized Alignment, tires are positioned according to specifications. This helps prolong the life of all four tires, reduce premature wear as well as promote safety.
Brake Maintenance
   11.) Brake Maintenance

The most important active safety control on a vehicle is it's braking system.

Failure to monitor and maintain brakes may result in reduced ability in braking, excessive wear on pads and rotors, as well as a vibration felt in the steering wheel.

A Brake Maintenance will properly clean all moving components; as well as inspect and measuring pad, rotor and drums to be in specifications. Adjustments are made if necessary.

Brake Maintenance helps ensure safety by optimizing brake performance it will prolong the life of expensive components.
Spark Plug Replacement
 12.) Spark Plug Replacement

An engine require three components to run efficiently: fuel, compression, and ignition. The ignition point for any gasoline engine is the spark plug.

Just like a light bulb, spark plugs slowly wear out over time and need to be replaced. A worn spark plug will reduce fuel economy as performance.

Spark Plug Replacement will improve engine performance and give you better fuel economy.
Maintenance Service
 13.) Maintenance Service

This is an annual comprehensive inspection to ensure Safety, Longevity and improved Performance of your vehicle.